For 9 years in a row, Rick, Mike & Carl (also, for some unknown reason, known as the "Arrogant Bastards") had to listen to all those empty, hollow sounding statements, such as "wait til next year", or "we'll get you next time", or, more frequently "Lucky, #%@!*$#, so & so's! ".
See you in 2010...
Rick, Mike & Carl
              a.k.a. "The Arrogant Bastards"
The Stake Shoot!
Once the command to "prime (or cap) your weapons" is given, the shooters step up to the line, prime their weapons & await the command to "Fire". At the sound of "Fire!", all shooters give forth with a simultaneous volley, after which each shooter loads & fires at their best speed.
After perhaps 10- 20 rounds have been fired by each member of the team, the stake is finally cut in half, to the cheers of the spectators. This generally leads to no small amount of bragging by the winning team, & statements of "just you wait til next year" by those less fortunate.
Photos by Joanne Frazier
Photos by Joanne Frazier
Photos by Joanne Frazier
Photo by Krista Broucksou
All the participants gather at the Open Range, kick in the $5 entry fee & are assigned a stake. The object is for a team of 3 shooters to cut a stake in half with the fire from their weapons. The first team to cut the stake comepletely in half, so that it falls to the ground, wins the lions share of the pot.